Monday, January 30, 2012

Residents Reminded to Register Cell Phones for Emergency Notifications before the Next Event

The Hays County Commissioners Court and emergency response officials want to remind residents who use cell phones that they can receive emergency notifications on those phones. While landline phones are programmed automatically to receive emergency notifications, cell phones must be registered separately to receive them. to register your cell phone.
Hays County partners with the Capital Area Council of Governments (CAPCOG) in the regional Emergency Notification System that allows officials to alert local residents when certain emergencies threaten. Once you register your phone it could take up to a month for the number to be included in the notification system, so residents are urged to register their phones before the next emergency strikes.

Individuals can register as many cell phone numbers at the same location as they want and cell phone numbers can be registered to multiple addresses, such as home and work. Public safety officials will only contact phone numbers assigned to the geographic area that is affected.

According to CAPCOG, VoIP phones will automatically be added to the database within the next few weeks, so there is no longer a need to register them separately through your provider.
There is a link on the County’s website at