Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Tool For Mesquite Control

Recently, Dow AgroSciences has released a new herbicide called SenderoTM. This product has two active ingredients, aminopyralid + clopyralid, which means that it is not a restricted use herbicide and does not require a pesticide applicator’s license to purchase or apply. Recent testing of this herbicide has shown that it provides nearly 40 percent more consistent control than the traditional mix of Remedy Ultra and Reclaim.

Foliar applications should be made when:
1) The soil temperature at 12-inches below the surface is 75° F or higher
2) The mesquite leaves are a dark green color all over, rather than some light green new growth at the ends. Applications should be avoided immediately following a significant rainfall,
as the production of too much new growth will reduce the movement of herbicide the root system.
3) The mesquite tree is not flowering or elongating the beans.
4) The leaves are healthy. No more than 25% of the leaves can have damage by insects, hail, disease, or rodents. Soil moisture is another important factor to consider before treating.

Even though mesquite is a deep rooted plant, treatments should be delayed if plants are under drought stress. If you miss the foliar treatment timing window, you do have other options to help manage mesquite, including mechanical treatments or basal stem treatments.

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