Friday, July 17, 2015

Pecan Weevil Found in Hays County

Pecan Weevils were found in Hays County back in December of 2014.  This finding has caused concern within the Texas Pecan Industry because of the ease of access to the Guadalupe River Basin and the potential impact to commercial pecan trees along the Guadalupe River.

Pecan weevils lay their eggs in the developing pecan.  The developing larva eat the meat in the developing kernel and then bore a hole in the pecan and then emerge.  They burrow into the ground before they emerge as an adult two years later.

August and September is when one would expect to begin seeing damage from the pecan weevil.  If you see a round hole bored into the shell of a pecan, chances are good that you have pecan weevil. 

If you find pecans that exhibit the signs of pecan weevil damage, please collect a few specimens and bring them by the Hays County Extension Office.  We are still trying to determine how widespread they are in Hays County.  With the sample, please provide an address or description where they were collected.

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